Admission Matters

The Law Office of Carol M. Langford has represented and/or advised numerous applicants with admissions matters before the Committee of Bar Examiners, and has represented and/or advised applicants before the Patent and Trademark Office, The Medical Board of California, the Board of Registered Nursing, the Physical Therapy Board, the Board of Pharmacy and the California Department of Real Estate.

Admissions matters can be complex as the primary query is whether the applicant has the moral character to practice law, medicine, real estate or another profession. What does it mean if an applicant has a minor criminal conviction? Or a felony conviction? What if the applicant has a past bankruptcy, been involved in a civil dispute or a custody battle? All of these issues are considered avenues of inquiry by Moral Character Subcommittees, and Ms. Langford has the experience to help you through the process.

Ms. Langford particularly enjoys handling admissions matters as she teaches future admittees to the State Bar as an adjunct professor of professional responsibility at the University of San Francisco School of Law and has taught at U.C. Berkeley College of Law. She has represented numerous clients in Moral Character Subcommittee hearings and understands how to communicate effectively with members of the Committee and lawyers in the State Bar.

Let the Law Office of Carol M. Langford be your resource for advice and representation on admissions matters.